Snow Goose Hunting Equipment


  • Decoys – We utilize spread of snow goose decoys ranging from 600 to 1500 decoys depending on weather and what the birds demand.  These decoys spreads consist of GHG, Avery & Big Foot, Sillosock Decoys, and Custom Wind Socks.  Our decoys spreads with be set up usually before we arrive.
  • Blinds – We utilize Scheels Layout blinds and in-ground pits near Squaw Creek NWR.  These blinds are selected depending on the type of field we hunting.
  • Electronic Calls – We utilize custom electronic snow goose callers, these units use digital recordings of live snow geese played through MP3 players.  Each spread uses two – four loud pa speakers, the volume of these are managed by the guide.
  • Special Equipment – Your guides also use state of the art snow goose equipment.  Some special equipment is used on days that there may have no wind, or on days where the birds demand more from us and we deploy our bag of tricks to entice the birds into shooting range. (Vortex’s, Spinners, Flyers)

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